Grounding / Earthing Products

Ideally, it's best to ground outdoors in your bare feet (on grass, soil or dirt). That way, you can also benefit from the fresh air and sunshine. However, if you don't have access to grounding outdoors on grass, soil or dirt, then I recommend products from the sources in my affiliate links below. I've personally tested the grounding products I mention and can vouch for their effectiveness and quality.


Full disclosure: After testing many of the products below, I’ve established some shameless affiliate links to their products. :) So, while I do encourage people to ground outdoors for free, if you do decide to purchase any of the products below, I’d really appreciate it if you could use the affiliate links provided. With thanks!

If you do buy an earthing device, be sure to start off slowly by grounding for 20 minutes per day. Build up very slowly and gradually from there. So that you don't overdo it, I'd recommend starting with a wrist strap or grounding mat. Eventually, when feeling stronger, you might want to add in the throw blanket or sheet and pillow case. Note: For the earthing products, I have two separate affiliate links below. One from the US and the other from Canada. Both sites sell outlet adapters so that the plugs can be made compatible with other countries. Click on the following image for the US source:  


For Canadians, you can order the same earthing products here

Grounding Shoes

If you'd rather not ground in your bare feet, you can wear all leather shoes that have no rubber nor foam. The sole of this particular grounding shoe has a double layer of leather. I highly recommend them. As the description says, order 1/2 size under your usual size. So, if you're a size 8.5 or 9, order an 8. 

NOTE: On a separate note, if you work indoors in an industrial setting, I recommend wearing an anti-static Heel Ground which you can find here at my affiliate link from the EMF Superstore. 

For more information about earthing, be sure to read Clinton Ober's book, Earthing: The most important health discovery ever! 

EMF Protection

I don't want anyone thinking that they have to go broke in order to protect themselves from EMF's. Common sense is key. Do your best to distance yourself from many everyday electrical devices (computer, cell phone, TV, refrigerator, photocopier, alarm clock, lamps, outlets, power bars, etc.). The further away these items are from your body, the less your exposure. Though, as a general rule of thumb, a distance of about 3 feet should suffice. 


I've tested several products that will reduce your exposure to EMF's and list my recommendations below. Because of varying prices and quality, I've listed couple of potential sources in my affliate links. 

Shield Your Body (SYB)

I've tested many of their products and they do work to help reduce EMF's. They have several products to choose from including, a cell phone pouch, cell phone pocket guard, high quality air tube headset, baby blanket, laptop pad, baby blanket and more. Click here to access my affiliate link. 

EMF Testing Meter

If you're consciously staying at least 3 feet away from electrical items, then you probably don't need a meter. Though, if you're curious, and want to do some testing, there are several EMF meters on the market. Based upon the price and quality, I recommend the Trifield Meter, Model 100XE.  

Cell Phone Cover

On top of using SYB's cell phone pouch, I also encase my cell phone with a cover from Cruz. The pouch is adequate, but because the Cruz case is solid, I like the stability that it provides. The Cruz cases are available at my affiliate links through Amazon or the EMF Safety Superstore (scroll down to find link). 

EMF Safety Superstore

From my affiliate link below, I recommend the USB Ground Cord (for everyone who uses a laptop computer). 


For those who work indoors in a more industrial setting, I recommend wearing the anti-static Heel Ground.


If you spend several hours a day sittting in front of a computer, the Computer Monitor and TV Screen Shield, the Remote Keyboard and Low EMF Computer Mouse may also be helpful. But if you can consciously try to reduce your time in front of your computer and/or work in Airplane mode more often, these strategies are free of charge and are also very helpful.


Depending upon your set-up, you may find other products in the following link that will help reduce your exposure. 


To access the site, please click on my affiliate link below. 

Shop EMF Meters & Shielding

Blue Light Filter

This is a separate subject, but while we’re talking about computers, the blue light being emitted by your computer screen can interfere with your body’s production of melatonin (and therefore interfere with your sleep). Some of my clients have suggested downloading either f.lux or Iris (both are free software). [Personally, I have f.lux on my laptop.] And/or, you can wear special glasses that block the blue light coming from your screen. Click my affiliate link below to see the brand that I use (though, if you have either f.lux or Iris, you probably don’t need the glasses). 


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