Nutritional Balancing Consultation Details and Fees



Hair Analysis and Initial Consultation: $220.00 Canadian. Includes GST/HST.


Send payment to: Pam Killeen 93 Hillsmount Crescent, London, Ontario, N6K 1V6, Canada. Please makes checks payable to Pam Killeen. Or, pay through PayPal. I don't accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.


How to send in a Hair Sample


1. Fill out the initial questionnaire and send back to me. 


2. When you receive the kit, cut hair sample according to the instructions and send to ARL located in Arizona. The address of the lab is provided in the kit.


What happens next? 


ARL will send me the results, which I will then email to you. I will be emailing your protocol right away (depending upon when you send in your sample, it may take a week or so before you get your protocol). That is the most important piece of information you will be receiving. Then, it will take about two weeks before you receive your report. I find it's best to schedule a consultation after people have had some time to settle into the program. While waiting for their results, clients are already busy doing the full program including reading posts in our Facebook support group, doing coffee enemas, near infrared saunas, resting, diet and supplements. For information about the diet I recommend, click here.


What do you receive? 


You receive your Hair Analysis test and explanation, written materials, dietary recommendations, 20% off nutritional supplements and a consultation (usually 40 minutes to 1 hour) to go over your results. 




To get the most from your healing program and make sure you are on track, a retest is recommended every 3-4 months of starting the program. You will be amazed how much your body will change in a few months. A retest is $165.00 Canadian. Includes GST/HST. Click here for retest form.


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