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Due to poor diets and fast lives, our kids are becoming ill at an alarming rate! If we share information and lend support to each other, we can do something about it! Learn more at The Children’s & Teen Health Summit, online and FREE from May 2-9, 2016.


Empower yourself and your children to live a vital, balanced, healthy life at the Children’s & Teen Health Summit.


If you've missed the Summit, presentations are available for sale here


On May 6 (day 7), join me as I speak with host, Carla Atherton, about how the Buteyko Breathing Method can help offer relief for children struggling with asthma. Using the Buteyko Breathing Method, studies have shown that asthmatics can experience significant improvements in their symptoms. 

What are the results for asthma sufferers – Scientific Trials?
(Within three months)

70% less symptoms – coughing, breathlessness, wheezing
90% less need for reliever medication
49% less need for preventer medication
(Based upon scientific trials at The Mater Hospital, Brisbane, 1995,
and Asthma Care Clinics) 

If you've missed the Summit, presentations are available for sale here.  


Several of my teaching seminars are now available at Vimeo on Demand. They're each available for a 30-day rental period. Topics currently include 1) Copper's Role in Dental Health 2) Solving Adrenal Burnout 3) Sexual Healing 4) Simple Solutions for Bad Digestion 5) In Memory of Three Square Meals 6) Corruption in Science 7) Dirty Little Secrets of Big Food. Click here for more details. 


My newest book, Survival of the Unfittest (released January 2015), is now available for sale in paperback and ebook formats.

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